Apr 27, 2018

We love facts and figures, but numbers and facts can be really boring to read. Over the last decade, Infographics have become an interesting trend. Its search volume has increased by 800 percent from 2010 to 2012. The stats were even more impressive in 2016. A recent study shows that they are liked and shared on social 3 times more than any other content. The huge demand for visual content is bug in the marketing world. Videos and images have been proven much more successful.

Infographics are not just a trend; they continue to grow in popularity every year. Studies show that around 90 percent of the information that people remember based on visual impact. So include that tidbit with the fact that we live in an age where millions of content are created and you can understand easily why a simple visual can actually make your brand stand out. If you are still on the fence regarding Infographics, here are some of its benefits.

  • 1. Eye catching

Infographics are eye-catching than printed words as they combine colors, images, content and movement that naturally draw the eye. Now people have shorter attention spans so they tend to scan material as opposed to reading text. It allows you to easily scan and get the information you are most interested in.

  • 2. Increase reach and brand awareness

It can also be used to reinforce the brand and the only reason is they are visually appealing. If you design an Infographic with consistent colors, messages and shapes with your logo then you will have an effective means of brand awareness.

  • 3. Get more shared

These are extremely shareable, for instance, if an Infographic is published on a website or WordPress blog, it usually provides an embed code. It allows an automatic link from the original site to yours. You can easily share it on social networks and also have a chance of becoming viral than ordinary text.

  • 4. Connect with audience

These are engaging and fun medium that can help you to have a unique connection with the visitors. They are usually aimed at educating and not selling. It helps to create a sense of connection which will pay off later.

It is clear that Infographics are easy to understand and great way to create visually pleasing piece of content. If it is aesthetically pleasing and well designed, it will go viral and also drive people to your site as they are likely to get more clicks and share on it.

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