Aug 13, 2018

There is a lot of information you need to disseminate as a brand and infographics help you for that in a more creative and engaging way. You can transform some of your boring topics into visually appealing and remembered piece of content. A brand can share lots of important information just through a single creative.

The process of creating an Infographic may seem a little difficult; you just need to pay more attention to the important details. So here you can see how a marketer can promote an Infographic on the social media

  • 1. Understand the anatomy

Firstly, you need to understand the anatomy of an Infographic. Today, vertical design is a powerful trend as we are used to navigate from up to down and not from right to left or left to right. If you see, Facebook has its Newsfeed in a vertical way. You can also take vertical videos on Snapchat. This is why Infographics are designed vertically.

  • Multiple platforms

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks with vertical images. If you upload an Infographic on Pinterest, you will get a lot of traction and many followers will re-pin it and love it. This is because of the anatomy of social network. It would be cropped or resized on most of the other networks. If you upload your Infographic natively on Pinterest as well, you will get more engagement and attention.

  • Different social channels

What if you have to upload the Infographic natively on Facebook or Twitter? That is what every social platform wants from its users, to create native content and never make its users leave it. Isn’t? Do you know why posting native content brings more engagement than a visual with a link? This is because Facebook doesn’t like the posts that make the user click on an external link. So you can create different kind of visuals for different social media platforms and link to the original one. Obviously you don’t want to upload such a thing where people will get frustrated as they can’t see the content. Ask them their opinion on Facebook. In this way, Facebook will help to boost your content as people will engage with it through comments.

  • Multiple images

Do you know you can also re-post your Infographic and gain more attention? Crop a piece from it, save it as .JPEG or .PNG and upload it on the social networks you want. Just make sure you have the right size. In this way you can repurpose the larger piece of content and can engage people.

It is not enough to do great things; you also need to let the people know about it. You need to do at least if you want your content marketing to get its results. So connect with your audience and give them the valuable content they need. Make sure you use the social media smartly. Don’t use it by only talking to your audience, but also promote your brand in multiple and unique ways.

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